A Message from VNA President and links to Jersey City COVID-19 Resources

26 Mar 2020, Posted by Joe Vita in News

Dear Village Neighborhood friends and neighbors,

By now, you have all settled in to our new normal of social distancing, curfews, video conferences and business closures. I wanted to reach out and let you know that the VNA is here to support you and help connect you to the resources you need in this wonderful city we call home. If you have specific needs and would like our help, please email us at info@jcvillage.org.

People and organizations are banding together to provide food and supplies for the medical professionals on the front line. What I have been seeing locally is truly inspiring. I encourage you all to stay informed, not afraid, and allow yourself to think about something other than COVID-19 from time to time.

Councilperson Solomon and Mayor Fulop have daily messages that disseminate the facts as we know them. Conjecture and misinformation can be extremely dangerous during a crisis like this. If you’re ever in doubt, check the CDC and WHO websites and their guidelines for navigating this pandemic.

I find myself struggling on some days to be positive and stoic for my family. On other days I truly feel like the pillar they need me to be. And occasionally, I just want to scream or cry – or both. It’s no picnic trying to homeschool our children whilst we try to remain productive at our own jobs, but we will endure as a community. We are all in the same boat. Remember when Sandy hit and we thought THAT was bad?

I constantly remind myself that our parents’ and grandparents’ generations were at war! We are embroiled in a very different kind of war – one that is happening on our home soil – and we will come out of this stronger, as long as we remain positive and support each other. It takes you. It takes me. It takes a village. It takes The Village!

Best wishes to you and your family, our friends and neighbors in greater JC, and everywhere across the US and the world. Stay safe, look out for each other, and for a while longer, stay distanced!

Eric Hofmann


Village Neighborhood Association